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Asbury Church Cemetery

Asbury A.M.E. Cemetery - Middletown, Frederick County, MD

Lat: 39° 26’ 21” N, Lon: 77° 32’ 48” W

Cemetery is located on the W side of of S. Jefferson St. in Middletown MD, across from 324 S. Jefferson. The cemetery property (~60' x 300') fronts on the street, atop a 5' embankment. The church foundation remains are found at the streetside, with the cemetery lying behind. A marble plaque at the road describes the history of the church. Tombstones are in varying condition and at least 6 bases are present with missing tombstones. Several fieldstones indicating possible graves are also present. The cemetery was substantially cleared of fallen debris on 4/21/2012. Data collected 3/8/2012 by R.H. Smith.

First Name Last Name Birth Death Notes
Hiram T. Boder [Butler] 8/26/1870 8/16/1881 son of L.O. & S? J Boder?, 10y 11m 21d. birth calc'd
Josephus Borler (Boder?) [Botler] 1799 2/27/1874 aged 75 yrs; 2 on 1 tombstone (Josephus & Mary Botler). birth calc'd
Mariah Botler 1813 2/8/1883 aged 70 yrs; 2 on 1 tombstone (Josephus & Mary Botler). birth calc'd
Bertha Brown     no dates, wife of Stephen Brown
Henrietta Brown     no dates, wife of Stephen Brown
Nancy Brown 5/9/1814 5/6/1885 Aged 70y 9m 27d; wife of William Brown
Roy L. Brown     aged 19 years, no dates
Stephen Brown 3/17/1843 4/134/1921  
Margaret M. Bruner 1824 5/20/1913 wife of Emanuel Bruner, aged 89 years. birth calc'd
Hannah A. Carroll 3/1/1853 12/27/1879 wife of Rev. O. Carroll, died at Sandy Spring, aged 26y 9m 26d "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord"
Eliza Cartnail 1818 10/8/1903 wife of David Cartnail, aged 85 years. birth calc'd
Mary Jane Cartnail 12/19/1853 11/10/1876 Daughter of David and Eliza Carlnale [Cartnail]; aged 22y 10m 22d. birth calc'd
Kissiah Evans 1774 1/20/1854 in the 80 year of her age, birth calc'd
Fannie F. Hairkins? 6/17/1862 5/9/1894 wife of Franklin E. Hairkins?; aged 31y 10m 22d. b irth calc'd
Cordelia V. Herde 11/11/1871 11/29/1873 aged 2y 18d; 2 on 1 tombstone (Cordelia V & Hatty F. Herde). birth calc'd
Hatty F. Herde 7/8/1875 1/17/1876 aged 6m 9d; 2 on 1 tombstone (Cordelia V & Hatty F. Herde). birth calc'd
Caleb Johnson 7/1/1840 3/12/1842 son of Zachariah Johnson; aged 1y 8m 11d. birth calc'd
Catharine A. V. Johnson 6/7/1851 12/10/1921 Aged 70y 6m 3d, Wife of Henry T. Johnson; 2 on 1 tombstone (Catherine & Henry Johnson); (+ "Father & Mother" marker)
Henry T. Johnson 8/1846 11/10/1914 Aged 68 years; 2 on 1 tombstone (Catherine & Henry Johnson); (+ "Father & Mother" marker)
Lauraetta Johnson 7/8/1854 7/12/1875 wife of Henry Johnson; aged 21y 4d
Sarah A. K. F. Johnson     Wife of B.F. Johnson, no dates
William B. F. Johnson 3/29/1831 5/8/1909 aged 78y 1m 9d. birth calc'd
Matilda Koon 1819 8/29/1889 aged about 70 years, birth calc'd
Emanuel Myers     2 on 1 tombstone (Emanuel & Mary Myers); no dates
Mary Myers 1838 1/23/1928 Aged 90 years; his wife (Emanuel Myers); 2 on 1 tombstone (Emanuel & Mary Myers). birth calc'd
Richard Myers 1801 2/28/1856 aged 55 years. birth calc'd
Jane Peters 5/8/1845 10/12/1876 aged 31y 5m 4d. birth calc'd
Harrison Porter 1823 3/4/1885 aged 62 years. birth calc'd
John Porter 1790 9/2/1829 aged 39 years, birth calc'd
Amanda C. Sanders 2/7/1862 5/29/1922 his wife (Hiram MC Sanders)
A. C. S     footstone
Hiram M. C. Sanders 12/3/1869 10/6/1827 2 on 1 Hiram MC & Amanda C Sanders
H. M. C. S     footstone  
Mary Sands 1821 7/5/1883 aged 62 yrs; Josephus & Mary Botler. birth calc'd  
Susan Sands 1806 8/8/1896 aged about 90 years "Mother's at rest". birth calc'd  
Ida L. Skinner 9/22/1859 7/22/1878 Daughter of Wm. & Caroline Skinner, aged 18y 10m  
Aery Ellen Toyer 1851 6/6/1926 wife of Samuel H. Toyer; aged 75 years. birth calc'd  
Caroline Tyler 1825 1/30/1893 aged 68 years. birth calc'd  
Caroline Tyler 1825 1/30/1893 aged 68 years, birth calc'd  
Benjamin Whiting 4/18/1830 11/16/1882 Aged 52y 6m 29d  
Benjamin Whitten 1834? 12/12/1862 in his 28th? year. birth calc'd  
Affey Williams 1810 5/15/1857 Aged 47 years; wife of Solomon Williams. birth calc'd  
Solomon Williams 1789 10/5/1850 aged 61 years. birth calc'd  


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