Smothers Family Genealogy

Joeseph Daniel Smothers was one of the first two African American graduates of McDaniel College (formerly Western Maryland College). His roots go back four generations in southern Frederick County to Lucy Smothers, a free Negro. This genealogical database traces that remarkable family history.


Disclaimer: This is a barebones database, i.e., a work in progress. As such, you may find typing errors (hopefully not very many in person's names). For these, we apologize. Notify us and we'll fix them. If the spelling leaves some fact unclear, contact us.

Where uncertainty of family relationships exists, notes are included as to our present thoughts and reasoning. Errors in analysis will and do occur, and differing conclusions can be drawn from the same data. Don't be reluctant to raise questions. Since the information contained in these files was generated while research was/is in progress, you may run across the researcher's musing, ideas, and miscellaneous notes in the Notes sections. These generally are set off in [ ] to distinguish them from source material content.