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Jones Family Cemetery

Jones Cemetery - Houck Road, Frederick County, MD

Lat: 39° 33’ 18”N, Lon: 77° 11’ 55”W

Cemetery is located on the N side of the back yard of a private home on the west side of Houck Road, about 0.8 mi. north of its intersection with Rt. 75 (Green Valley Rd.). Cemetery is just inside a wooded area and has been cleaned up by the owner of the property. Tombstones of approximately 12 individuals are present in varying conditions. There also are several fieldstones that indicate other gravesites. Burials are mainly of the family and descendants of Moses and Maria Jones, found to be free as early as 1830 in the US Census. Data collected 5/24/2012 by Christen Johnson, Aminata Lashley, & R.H. Smith.

First Name Last Name Birth Death Comments
Juliet Bowie ca 1807 1/14/1890 In the 83rd Year of her age Birth Calc'd
Jane Cook 10/3/1816 3/29/1836 Wife of James Cook and Daughter M. & M. P.(R?) J. (Moses and Maria P(R)? Jones) ; Aged 19 Years 5 Months 26 Days; Birth Calc'd
Dennis Green     No Birth or Death Dates
D. G.     Footstone of Dennis Green
Benjamine Jones 1/12/1828 10/18/1897 Aged 69 Years 9 Months & 6 Days; "Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection"
Maria R. (?) Jones ca 1795 8/15/1852 "Wife of Moses Jones; who died in the 57 year of her Age"; Birth Calc'd
M. R. (?) J     Footstone of Maria Jones
Moses Jones 8/18//1787 4/29/1868  
M. J.     Footstone of Moses Jones
Moses Jones 5/13/1848 9/2/1849 Son of John & M Jones; Aged 15 Months and 20 days; Birth Calc'd
Susan Jones 12/14/1825 2/18/1910 Aged 84 Years 2 Months & 4 Days
J. K.     Footstone
William Millberry 10/22/1875 7/22/1876 Son of William II & E.J. Millberry Aged 9 Months; Birth Calc'd
W. M.     William Millbery Footstone
Elias Tyler 2/28/1820 11/11/1868 Aged 48 Years 8 Months 13 Days. "Farewell my wife and children all from you a father Christ doth call mourn not for me, it is in vain to call me to your sight again."
Anna M. Valentine 6/5/1870 11/30/1879 Daughter of Daniel & Margret Valentine; Birth Calc'd
A.M. V.     Anna M. Valentine Footstone


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